Dielectric Strength Oil Test Equipment


Dielectric oil test equipment breaks down voltage testing of insulating oils can help to assess the condition of these oils within electrical equipment, such as transformers, capacitors, switches, etc. Based on the test results, the oil can be identified as aged due to an increase in water content, sludge, or if the oil has oxidized.

The DPA 75 C has been designed for use in laboratories, as well as for portable use during on-site testing. The larger DTA 100 C is designed for continuous operation in the laboratory.

With over 70 years of experience in the field of breakdown testing, you can rely on top-of-the-line quality with all BAUR devices.

 Dielectric Oil Test Equipment Models:


Insulating Oil Testing

BAUR Dielectric Strength Oil Tester Features

  • Measurement technology and power electronics designed for exceptionally long service life
  • High quality glass test vessels with incorporated micrometer for easy setting of the electrode distance
  • Precise, reliable, and reproducible measurement results over very long periods
  • Insulating oil dielectric strength testing according to ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, and many more
  • Models capable of measuring the dielectric breakdown voltage up to 100 kV
  • Repeatable, reproducible breakdown measurements of mineral, silicone, and ester oils

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