VITAS 2772 Voltage Instrument Transformer Analyzing Set

HAEFELY / Tettex

The VITAS 2772 is a fully digital voltage instrument transformer (VT) measuring bridge. It incorporates the knowledge of more than 70 years on this field, together with state-of-the-art technologies to exceed industry requirements.

The VITAS 2772 measures ratio error and phase error according to the latest IEC and ANSI standards.

Test objects and nominal transformer with large differences in ratio can be measured with full accuracy, reducing the number of reconnections while testing.

The VITAS 2772 specified accuracy is excitation or environmental conditions (temperature or humidity) independent and guarantees high accurate results under any circumstance.


CITAS 2771 Features

  • High accuracy results independent of temperature or excitation current
  • Extremely large k-factor (difference between nominal transformer and test object ratios)
  • Computer controlled with Windows-based Haefely CaMS user interface
  • Automatic error limits according to IEC and ANSI/IEEE standards
  • Fast stabilization time
  • Controls Haefely 3695 electronic voltage burden
  • Optically decoupled from computer by fiber optic data connection
  • Scope function – waveshapes of the measured signals shown in real time
  • Datalogger – readings can be collected and represented graphically to see deviations
  • Compact, reliable, and EMC hardened design, IP50

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