Very Fast Transient (VFT) Measuring System

Digital Recorder with 200 MS/s sampling rate and 12 Bit resolution, remote controlled by external Laptop

VFT-Measuring System TR-AS RC for VFT
The VFT-Measuring System TR-AS RC for very fast transients (VFT) is specially designed for high bandwidth and allows measurements of VFT in a frequency range from power frequency up to 100 MHz directly with help of capacitive sensors, e.g. PD-sensors installed in Gas – Insulated Switchgear (GIS).

Additionally measurement of lightning and switching impulse voltages as also A.C. measurements on the finally installed GIS can be performed.

Principle of measuring system:
The measuring system consists of an electrical field sensor with capacitance C1, a directly coupled low voltage capacitor and a coaxial measuring line with capacitance C2 which forms together a capacitive voltage divider with a ratio of approximately C2:C1. The measuring line is connected to the 250 V input of the digital recorder which includes an input divider with ratio 25:1. The 10 V output of the divider is connected with a BNC-bridge to the 10 V input of the programmable measuring amplifier channel 1 of the digital recorder.

Software Control
The VFT-Measuring System is remote controlled via the local area network (LAN) by an external Laptop Computer with special remote control software. The VFT-Measuring System includes an Industry computer with hard disc and LAN interface but without display and keyboard. The WinTRAS-Software for control and measurement is installed on the hard disc of the VFT-Measuring System and can be transparently operated with help of the remote control software on the Laptop Computer.

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