Multichannel Transient Recorder

TR-AS Multichannel Transient Recorder

Highest performance with up to  200 MS/s  sampling rate and 12 to 14 Bit  resolution simultaneously in all channels

Desktop-Housing DERA 6

  • Measuring rack mount with 10.4” or 12” TFT -Color display
  • PC 1,2 GHz, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP®, 30 GB hard disc, CD-RW etc.
  • Keyboard with trackball in drawer suitable shielding for high EMC

TR-AS 10-12/8-32            

  • 8 analogue channels with BNC-input
  • Optional: Isolating amplifier with 2 or 7kV isolation AC
  • 32 digital channels with 2 kV optical isolation, multi-contact connectors
  • Connection for Calibrator control, Printer, COM, Network, external SVGA-monitor


  • Complex and precise impulse measuring with simultaneous multi-channel system
  • High-power test field
  • Switchgear test
  • Monitoring recorder
  • Protection relay test
  • Quality control
  • Measurements in development and test field

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