Digital Measuring Instrument for AC & DC                   DMI 552 / DMI 553

HAEFELY / Tettex

A kilovoltmeter is an indispensable instrument for accurately measuring voltage and current in high voltage applications. High voltage measurements are done by connecting a specialized voltmeter to the secondary unit of a voltage divider or to a current to voltage transducer, such as a shunt.

Haefely has now introduced two new and modern solutions – the DMI 552 laboratory-optimized version or DMI 553 portable, battery-operated version. The DMI 552 / 553 have been developed to measure, record, and visualize events during dielectric and breakdown tests in high voltage applications according to IEC 61083-3:2020.

Measured values are shown as large digits on the computer screen using the Haefely CaMS software. In addition, for pass/fail criteria during dielectric tests, Peak by √2 voltage is recorded and last value before breakdown is shown. Graphical indications as scope function, FFT, datalogger or flash detection are included. To facilitate easy comprehension, voltage divider ratio or shunt conversion factor (A/V) can be incorporated in the calculation to display parameters directly in kV or A. Fiber optic connection guarantees galvanic isolation between the operator and high voltage test lab, increasing safety.

The DMI can generate reports based on templates which can be printed or saved as PDF. Snapshots of the display or charts can be easily included in the reports.

BROCHURE:         DMI 552 & DMI 553

DATA SHEETS:     Lab-Optimized DMI 552

                                Portable DMI 553

DMI 552 / 553 Features

  • Designed to measure voltage and current in high voltage applications
  • Measures AC voltage and currents as RMS, Peak, and Peak/√2, among others
  • Measures DC voltage and currents as Mean, Peak, and Ripple
  • Flash detection with voltage indication
  • Real time scope and frequency analysis FFT
  • Additional AC/DC input channel (optional)
  • Computer controlled with Haefely CaMS graphical user interface
  • Optically decoupled from computer
  • Compact, reliable, and EMC hardened design, IP50
  • DMI 553 is battery-operated and delivered in a convenient transport case

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