RIC 422 Reference Impulse Calibrator


RIC 422

The Haefely RIC 422 calibrator is used for the supervision and calibration of all kinds of impulse measuring systems with the highest accuracy. The calibrator generates Lightning (LI), Switching (SI) and front-chopped Lightning (LIC) reference impulses according to the standards IEC 61083 and IEEE 1122. In addition, it can produce accurate DC voltages and unit steps. Combined with the Haefely HiAS 744 software, the RIC 422 can execute a fully automated calibration procedure according to IEC 61083.

RIC 422 Features

  • Switching reference impulse type
  • Lighting reference impulse type
  • Front chopped Lighting reference impulse type
  • Outstanding output voltage accuracy and stability


  • High-precision impulse circuit with adjustable charging voltage to generate the impulses
  • Remote controllable from HiAS impulse analyzing system
  • Output voltage is automatically load calibrated by gradual approximation to the reference value

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