Viola Very Low Frequency Tester


2-part design for enhanced portability

Viola Features

  • VLF voltages up to 44 kVrms (62 kVpeak) and DC voltages up to 60 kV
  • High performance and compact
  • Precise and non-destructive determination of cable condition
  • Easy and quick test setup with integrated high voltage cable
  • Automatic testing sequences
  • USB data transfer and display of measurement data with BAUR Diagnostic Reporter
  • Ideal for cable testing on 35 kV cable systems according to IEEE 400.2
  • Expandable to include integrated tan delta measuring function (Viola TD)
  • Expandable to a VLF PD diagnostic system with PD-TaD 62
  • Remote control of the generator and advanced data analysis capabilities with BAUR Software 4

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