Truesinus Digital Technology


This unique system with its truly sinusoidal voltage shape allows non-destructive very low frequency testing of high voltage cables according to VDE, IEC und IEEE standards*. Only truesinus® digital technology provides comparable measurement results by eliminating the influence of the cable length and the test level. Other VLF high voltage generation systems cannot offer this. Truesinus® digital technology has a precisely defined sinusoidal voltage shape with no distortion, which makes it the only basis for meaningful cable diagnostics.

Measurement results like tan delta (dissipation factor measurement, TD) or partial discharge (PD) can be reproduced at any time. Independent institutes proved VLF as directly comparable to operating frequency. The benefit to you is 600 times less output power, lighter weight, and much easier handling.

The truesinus® digital technology system for VLF high voltage generation is the most sophisticated of its kind and is the highest quality available on the market. It is a sustainable investment that pays off today.

* VDE DIN 0276-620, IEEE 400.2, VDE DIN 0276-621, CENELEC HD 620 and CENELEC HD 621

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