Transportable VLF Test Set – PHG

BAUR High Voltage Testing System PHG 70 and PHG 80


BAUR’s High Voltage Testing System PHG

PH Collage Image

Most important benefits

  • Unique top class VLF test generators
  • For medium-voltage cables up to 50 kV
  • Latest testing technology VLF truesinus
  • Fully automatic programmable test sequences
  • Accurate, quick cable testing in accordance with standards
  • As stand-alone unit or installation in a small vehicle
  • Extendable to dissipation factor and partial discharge diagnostics systems


  • Cable testing
  • Sheath testing
  • Generator testing
  • Transformer testing
  • Testing of switchgear

VLF Cable Test and Diagnostic System PHG TD/PD
PHG — test system
TD — dissipation factor measurement
PD — partial discharge level measurement with source localisation

PHG – the expandable VLF cable test and diagnostic system

With the PHG TD / PD a multifunctional cable test and diagnostic system is available that has been specially designed and developed for medium voltage networks. The PHG TD/PD system is the only cable test and diagnostic system with which a comprehensive complete overview on the quality and ageing of the test sample is obtained. The TD and PD diagnostic methods complement each other ideally; on the one hand, the general condition of the sample can be determined, and on the other hand, individual faults are located.

PHG 70/80 Portable – portable, high performance test generator with VLF truesinus technology

PH Portable

  • Portable VLF generator for testing of cables up to 50 kV and electrical equipment
  • Expandable to a partial discharge and tan delta diagnostic system with PD-TaD 60