Portable DC Hipot Test Equipment


The BAUR Portable DC Hipot test equipment is excellent for the withstand testing of PILC cables and for determining the insulation resistances of electrical insulation. With the lowest current reading of 20 nA, the highest accuracy can be achieved.

On-site cable testing acc. to IEEE 400-2012 and IEC 60060-3.

Voltage testing on electrical equipment acc. to IEEE 62.2 and IEEE 95.

Cable sheath testing acc. to IEC 60502, IEC 60229, and VDE DIN 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621).

Portable DC Hipot Test Equipment Models:

  • Up to 25 kV –  PGK 25 include:
    • Compact, portable, and easy to use DC voltage tester
    • Step-less adjustable output voltage 0 – 5 kV and 0 – 25 kV DC
    • Ammeter with 5 measurement ranges 1 µA to 10 mA
    • Lowest current reading 50 nA for small insulation currents
    • Integrated timer with automatic final disconnection and release of discharge device for maximum safety
    • Voltage measurement directly at the high voltage output
    • Switch-on interlock of high voltage against unintended operation
    • Integrated 12 V battery and external 12 V DC supply source possible
  • Up to 80 kV –  PGK 50 / PGK 80 Features include:
    • Step-less adjustable output voltage
    • Integrated timer with automatic switch-off of the high voltage and triggering of the discharge unit
    • Ammeter with 6 measurement ranges from 1 µA to 100 mA
    • Lowest current reading 50 nA for small insulation currents
    • High short-circuit current
    • All connection elements and cables housed in a robust case

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