ohv Ultradetect Utrasonic Probe

ohv diagnostic

The reliable ultrasonic probe allows you to sniff out electrical PD signals such as corona, tracking, or arcs by detecting the emitted ultrasound of the discharges, which helps to avoid insulation breakdown damage by early recognition of critical failures. The acoustic level is displayed on the LCD screen and is audible with headphones. Thanks to a number of included accessories and probes, the device can be perfectly adapted to any application. Detection over short distances can be conducted with the air-borne sound probe, or can be adapted for investigating angled locations with a bendable probe. For detection over greater distances, the parabolic mirror and laser pointer can be used. An optional accessory is the body sound probe, which can be used for the location of PD signals on grounded surfaces (e.g., transformers, switchgear, generators, etc.).

ohv Ultradetect Features

  • Detect ultrasonic PD signals from corona, tracking, or arcs with great ease
  • Detection independent of light and weather conditions, no hot spots necessary to find failures
  • Easy to use, quick setup
  • Small and lightweight, probe fits in a pocket
  • Acoustic level is displayed on LCD and audible with headphones
  • Applicable for various more tasks such as leak detection, valve or bearing inspection
  • Supplied with headphones, airborne sensor, and parabolic mirror with laser pointer (other sensors available upon request)

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