PGK HB Series Combination AC/DC Test Sets


There are hardly any other longer-lasting, more robust and cost-effective testing devices than the two-piece high-voltage testing devices of the PGK HB series. They generate step-less adjustable DC test voltages with positive or negative polarity or optionally network frequencies. In the operating parts, there are displays for current and voltage, the safety control unit and a variable voltage transformer. The high voltage part contains an oil-insulated high-voltage transformer, and, according to the mode of operation either a rectifier bar (DC) or a resistance rod (AC). The polarity of the DC test voltage is changed by rotating the rectifier in the high-voltage part.

PGK HB Features

  • Testing of medium and high voltage cables DC voltage testing up to 260 kV output voltage with positive or negative polarity
  • AC voltage testing – up to 190 kV for switching systems, bus-bars and machines
  • User friendly 2-part design
  • Robust and long-lasting
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