Titron Cable Test Van

Titron series cable fault location and diagnostic system

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The desire for faster and more efficient cable fault location as well as cable testing and diagnostics demands the ergonomic installation of equipment into vehicles. To be able to satisfy the customer’s particular requirements, each system is factory-fitted into a vehicle of their choice. The size of vehicle will dictate the equipment at the planning stage. Ergonomics, taking into account the customer’s needs, is paramount.

Features of the Titron Cable Test Van

  • Installation of established cable fault location and cable testing and diagnostics systems
  • Extensive safety technology
  • Protected, encapsulated system
  • Compact dimensions
  • Service-friendly
  • Flexible, customized combinations
  • Future-orientated, modifications possible at any time
  • On-site service, reducing down times

Titron – The new dimension in cable fault location

  • Intuitive and menu-driven operational concept with the new BAUR Titron software
  • Easy and convenient Windows based software (mouse and keyboard)
  • BAUR GeoBase Map: Roadmap display via GPS combined with BAUR cable database
  • Automatic and easy display of fault location on GeoBase Map and cable presentation
  • Cable mapping technology with GIS import/export function
  • Central automatic control and full system control
  • All hardware controlled by Titron software
  • Smart Cable Fault Location Guide leads the user step-by-step, quickly, and efficiently to the cable fault
  • Gentle and safe pin-pointing available with the BAUR Remote App
  • Possibility to integrate cable diagnostic systems – ALL IN ONE for your cable testing needs
  • Automatic data synchronization and online support available

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