CTT / WPU (≥ 100 kV)


For testing at voltages ≥ 100 kV requires power cable to be prepared and terminated in a special manner in order to control the electrical field distribution along the cable ends. The Cable Test Termination (CTT) comprises of inner and outer tubes and electrodes at the high and low voltage ends to attain a linear voltage distribution along the tubes of the termination to avoid field enhancement and partial discharge on the surface. The Water Processing Unit (WPU) continuously regulates the conductivity of water to remain very low to avoid partial discharge and dissipates the heat generated during the testing.

Features of the CTT / WPU:

  • Shortest peeling length of the cable ends in the market, optimized for routine tests
  • AC, Lightning Impulse (LI), and Switching Impulse (SI) guaranteed specifications
  • Longer interchangeable tubes available for LI & SI testing
  • Capacitance and tan delta testing point
  • Accurate conductivity setting
  • Different models available with rated voltage up to 1000 kV AC, 1600 kV LI, and 1100 kV SI
  • Suitable for cable with max. outer diameter of 165 mm
  • Partial discharge rating of ≤ 2 pC between 200 – 600 kV and ≤ 5 pC between 700 – 800 kV
  • Integrates all tests within one unique system: AC, LI, SI, PD, C/tan delta, Step Test
  • Small ownership cost due to reduce peeling lengths and optimal preparation time
  • Small footprint – more space available in the test room
  • Withstand voltage test possible at 20% higher than rated AC voltage
  • Unique deionization system, minimizes operation cost

DATA SHEET:     CTT / WPU (≥ 100 kV)