Cable Phase Identification System FUU-DE

Clear phase identification is necessary during installation or repair of medium voltage and high voltage cables in order to ensure correct connection of the 3 phases. The FUU-DE has been specifically designed to conduct the measurement according to the European safety standard EN 50110-1, which means all parts to be worked on must be grounded and shorted, including the cable cores to be identified. This ensures enhanced safety for the operating personnel on site.

Three signal injection clamps are applied around the cable cores or grounding cables. Each signal injector inductively feeds a measuring signal with a specific frequency into the grounded cable. The measuring signals are detected and evaluated at the other end of the cable using the detector. On touching a phase with the measuring tip, the detector will display L1, L2, or L3.

FUU-DE Setup

The signal injectors are specially designed for use in compact switchgear and in narrow spaces. Despite the compact design, the clamps can be used on cables with diameters up to 70 mm. The lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries ensure long operation times and are wirelessly charged within their transport case. The FUU-DE is particularly suited for extra long cables, such as found on offshore and onshore wind farms, as clear phase identification is possible in cable lengths up to 150 miles!


FUU-DE Features

  • Used on grounded and shorted cables in compliance with EN 50110-1 (DIN VDE 0105-100) for the highest level of safety of the operating personnel
  • Suitable for hard to reach areas due to compact design of the signal injectors
  • Safe and easy connection
  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Clear phase identification possible in cable lengths up to 150 miles
  • Second person is not required at the other cable end to determine correct phase
  • Efficient lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries with 12 hour battery life in “On” mode or 2 weeks in “Auto/Standby” mode
  • Wireless charging of signal injectors in the practical transport case with charging unit
  • Information displayed on the detector: Identified phase, results of last 2 measurements, and signal injector battery status
  • Automatic self-test of detector after turning on
  • Upgrade a set to 6 signal injectors for fast phase identification from both cable ends during a joint installation or repair

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