IRG 400 Portable Time Domain Reflectometer


The IRG 400 is compact and powerful time domain reflectometer for cable fault pre-location that provides fast and precise measurement results on single or multi-phase cables.

The choice is yours, as the IRG 400 is available as a portable device in a transport case or as a 19″ plug-in unit in the Syscompact 400 and Syscompact 400 Portable. This provides maximum flexibility and is the solution for a wide range of applications for precise cable fault location.

The IRG 400 can be operated using a tablet or laptop. Operation is extremely efficient when used in combination with the tried-and-tested BAUR Software 4 (laptop) or the new touch-based BAUR BUI-F application (tablet). Connection can also be established over WiFi, thus enabling you to perform galvanically isolated measurements outside of the HV area for increased safety. An integrated separation filter allows TDR measurements to be performed on live cables up to category CAT IV / 600 V.

Built into a rugged Pelicase housing, this TDR can be used in the most extreme field conditions. Recorded measurement results can be exported via USB interface.

IRG 400 Features

  • 60 V TDR output pulse
  • Pulse width 30 ns – 10 μs
  • Measuring display range up to 1,000 km (~621 miles)
  • 400 MHz sampling rate
  • Measuring input voltage proof up to 400 V
  • Integrated separation filter can be enabled to allow measurements on live cables up to 600 V
  • Measurement controlled via tablet with BAUR BUI-F application, or optionally via laptop with BAUR Software 4
  • Length dependent gain for better display of remote events
  • Control of measurements via WiFi
  • Operation via rechargeable battery or mains voltage
  • All components including TDR, tablet, and accessories housed in one transport case
  • Rugged, splashproof, and dustproof case

Measuring Methods with Syscompact 400 & Syscompact 400 Portable

  • Time Domain Reflection Method – single or multicore
  • Secondary Impulse Method / Multiple Impulse Method (SIM/MIM)
  • Secondary Impulse Method in DC mode (DC-SIM/MIM)
  • Impulse Current Method (ICM)
  • Impulse Current Method in DC Mode (DC-ICM)

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