IRG 2000 Time Domain Reflectometer


The Pulse Reflection Test Set IRG 2000 is a portable, easy to use, single-phase unit for cable fault pre-location using time domain reflectometry (TDR) method on low, medium, and high voltage cables. It can also be used on live cables up to 400 V. Further fault location methods are available with the application of the appropriate coupling device. Its measuring ranges enable pre-location on cable lengths from 0 m to 65 km (0 to 213,000 feet).

The IRG 2000 is operated via function keys and is fully menu guided. The LCD color screen allows up to three waveforms to be displayed at the same time. The unit is supplied with rechargeable batteries and can also be powered directly by mains supply.

IRG 2000 Features

  • TDR output pulse 10 – 60 V
  • Pulse width 40 ns – 10 µs
  • Measuring range up to 65 km (~40 miles)
  • Measuring input voltage proof up to 400 V
  • Automatic cursor setting
  • Memory storage up to 100 echograms
  • TFT LCD – color display
  • Interactive menu-guidance
  • Data transfer to PC and printer
  • 200 MHz high resolution sampling rate
  • Battery operated

Measuring Methods with Syscompact 2000 Series Compact Cable Fault Location Systems

  • Time Domain Reflection (TDR)
  • Secondary Impulse Method / Multiple Impulse Method (SIM/MIM) – advanced SIM with SA 32 coupler
  • Impulse Current Method (ICM) – with SK 1D coupler
  • Decay Method – with CC1 coupler

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