Time Domain Reflectometers – TDR


TDR trace on software

Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR) are a fast and easy method to measure cables lengths and to determine locations of joints or short-circuit and open faults. The basic operating principle of TDR is similar to that of RADAR, in which pulses are sent out into the cable where they experience reflections due to changes in impedance at faults (open and shorted), joints, areas of moisture ingress, connectors/taps, and corroded neutral wires, among others.

TDRs are great and easy tools to quickly determine the length of cable or locate short-circuits or low-resistive faults. TDRs can also be used in combination with HV thumpers to locate high-resistive or intermittent faults in all types of cables (Syscompact Series).

TDR Models:

IRG 400 (Up to 60 V output)

IRG 4000 (Up to 200 V output)


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