Protrac Cable Fault Pinpointing System


Fast and Precise Cable Fault Pinpointing

The BAUR Protrac pin-pointing system is used for the precise pinpointing of cable and cable sheath faults. Combining acoustic and electromagnetic fault pinpointing with sheath fault location in one system, it is ideal for universal application. In combination with an acoustic frequency transmitter and the new acoustic frequency probe, the Protrac can be used to trace cables as well locate faults and cable joints.

Protrac Features

  • Different sets available for:
    • Acoustic and electromagnetic pinpointing of cable faults
    • Pinpointing of cable sheath faults and faults due to earth contact using the step voltage method
    • Tracing, cable fault location, and joint location with audio frequency
  • Unique operating convenience thanks to wireless Bluetooth connections
  • All system components except for step voltage probes are connected with Bluetooth
  • Precise 3D user guidance to the fault
  • Real-time fault calculation and display of the fault distance
  • Excellent acoustic quality and range
  • Adaptive two-stage ambient noise suppression
  • Can also be used without headphones with the integrated loudspeaker in the control unit

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