Syscompact 400 Portable Cable Fault Locator


Portable Fault Location System up to 32 kV

The Syscompact 400 Portable cable fault location system is used for pre-location and pinpointing of faults in power cables. This model is ideal for mobile use, without the need for permanent installation in a vehicle.

The system can be equipped with a range of surge voltage generators. The new IRG 400 time domain reflectometer can be controlled via a tablet or laptop. With the simple menu navigation and integrated location methods, cable fault location with the Syscompact 400 Portable is fast and precise. The IRG 400 can be operated remotely with wireless connection of the control unit via wifi.

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Syscompact 400 Features

  • Fully integrated proven cable fault pre-location methods
    • TDR
    • SIM/MIM Secondary/Multiple Impulse Method
    • DC-SIM/MIM
    • ICM Impulse Current Method
  • Control of measurement via tablet with BAUR BUI-F app or via laptop with BAUR Software 4
  • TDR measurement can be controlled via WiFi
  • Fast and reliable
  • Precise, dependable cable fault location
  • High-performance surge voltage generator
  • Three voltage ranges: 8, 16, and 32 kV
  • Surge energy up to 1100 J (Optionally up to 1540 J or 2050 J)
  • Acoustic pin-pointing with Protrac

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