HV Equipment


Syscompact 2000

Fast and Reliable Cable Fault Location

Syscompact 2000/32 is a compact designed, fully enclosed cable fault location system for pre-location and pin pointing of high impedance, low impedance and intermittent cable faults of low and medium voltage cables. Easy operation and use of latest fault location methods in combination with efficient instruments enable a rapid and reliable fault location. 

The equipment is available with a surge generator SSG 1100, 1500 or 2100. Optionally a SSG 500 could be integrated. The compact design of the equipment enables easy transport and installation into vans with a payload of 600 to 1,100 lbs.

  • Location of low-impedance, high-impedance and intermittent cable faults up to 32 kV and cable lengths up to 65 km (40 miles)
  • Efficient and precise cable fault pre-location methods
  • Pin pointing according to the acoustic method or measurement of acoustic propagation time (with Universal Locator UL and Ground Microphone BM)
  • Sheath fault location according to step voltage method (optional with UL and two test probes)
  • Extremely easy handling
  • Modular design, easy to extend for cable testing and diagnosis instruments


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