Compact Cable Fault Location Systems


BAUR’s Syscompact Series combines high voltage surge generators, or thumpers, with TDR measuring devices to enable a compact and fully integrated cable fault location system. This allows for efficient cable fault pre-location of low-resistive, high-resistive, and intermittent cable faults. All necessary coupling devices are fully integrated into the system to allow the following pre-location methods, depending on the model:

  • Time Domain Reflection Method – single or multicore
  • Secondary Impulse Method / Multiple Impulse Method (SIM/MIM) – advanced SIM with SA 32 coupler
  • Secondary Impulse Method, SIM DC – with SA 32 coupler
  • Differential Secondary Impulse Method – with SA 32 coupler
  • Impulse Current Method – with SK 1D inductive coupler
  • Decay Method – with CC 1 capacitive coupler
  • Differential Impulse Current Method – with SK 3D inductive coupler
  • Differential Decay Method with SK 3D inductive coupler

The Syscompact cable fault locators can be used together with the Protrac cable fault pin-pointer to accurately and quickly determine the precise location of a cable fault.

Portable Cable Fault Location Systems:

Syscompact 400 Portable

Van-mounted Cable Fault Location Systems:

Syscompact 400          Syscompact 4000

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