KSG 200 Series Cable Identification Systems


Clear, safe and quick cable identification

The Cable Identification System KSG 200 is a highly sophisticated instrument for identification of single or multicore cables from a cable bunch or cable strand.

Latest technologies and innovative, user-orientated software supply the KSG 200 with unique advantages. The instrument is easy to use. The KSG 200 consists of a transmitter and a receiver with flexible coupler (Rogowski coil). Both units are equipped with micro-controllers and can thus communicate with one another. The latest software algorithms perform numerous plausibility checks and thus ensure maximum reliability of the measured results.

Special features are, for example, the fully automatic gain control, the user-friendly menu guiding, voltage proof pulse transmitting output (version KSG 200 T) as well as the small dimensions of the KSG 200.

The Cable Identification System KSG 200 T is based on the functionality of the KSG 200 and includes below specified additional features:

  • Current measurement 0 – 199 A, 50/60 Hz
  • Direct injection on live cables, max. 400 V, 50/60 Hz

KSG 200 and KSG 200 T are also available with NiMH rechargeable batteries (KSG 200 A / KSG 200 TA)

KSG 200 Features

  • Cable identification of all types of de-energized cables
  • Reliable signal acquisition via digital 3-parameter analysis, ATP
  • Cable identification even in live LV cables via the mains proof direct connection according to CAT IV/600 V (KSG 200 T)
  • Inductive pulse injection via current transformer clamp into live cables (option)
  • High pulse current up to 180 A
  • Identification of pulse direction, even with higher loop resistance
  • Small, flexible receiver with integrated graphics display
  • No batteries necessary for the receiver
  • Flexible coupler using a Rogowski coil for large cable diameter

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