Burn Down Transformer – ATG Series


Burn down transformers enable the user to change a high-resistive fault into a low-resistive fault. This then allows a TDR to be used for low resistance fault pre-location.

ATG 2 Burn Down Transformer

Portable, Easy to use

  • Output voltage up to 10 kV DC
  • Optimized power matching by 6 output voltage ranges; switchable even at full load (2,3 kVA )
  • Individual electronic voltage and current control
  • Integrated terminal for connection of external ohmmeter
  • AC output for use in low voltage system
  • Safety control circuit according to VDE 0104

The portable burn down transformer is enclosed in a sturdy 19 “steel housing. The well-proven power electronics allows individual control of output voltage and current. A vital step to a practical burn down technique.

ATG 6000 Burn Down Transformer

ATG 6000

Powerful, High Power Fault Burner

  • Output voltage up to 15 kV DC, 6 kVA
  • Max. output current 90 A
  • Optimized power matching by 8 output voltage ranges; switchable at full load
  • Safety control circuit according to VDE 0104
  • Individual electronic voltage and current control
  • Operation on maximum power (short circuit proof) up to one hour

The high-power burn down transformer ATG 6000 is oil-cooled and therefore capable of full power output up to one hour. Even during the burn down procedure the output voltage is switchable in 8 ranges. Continuous regulation of voltage and current from 0 to 100 % within the selected range enables a precise regulation of desired output values. The 19“ rack version ATG 6000 is ideally designed for use in a cable fault location system, but can also be used as a portable unit.

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