HAEFELY / TETTEX Portable Test Equipment

WA 2293

WA 2293 Winding Resistance Analyzer

  • Multipurpose Winding Analyzer: transformer winding resistance, turns ratio, vector-group detection, arbitrary phase ratio, demagnetization, magnetic balance, dynamic resistance, short circuit impedance, and heat run test (heat rise and cooling curve) all in one instrument
  • 7″ touch screen interface with full graphical test visualization
  • Advanced procedure for turns ratio and phase displacement measurement (also on arbitrary phase shifted transformers)
  • Demagnetization function
  • Tap changer control signal
  • Data transfer over USB memory-stick or LAN
  • Setup made easy – simple “one-time-connection” system: once connected will test all phases on both windings
  • Unique simultaneous winding magnetization method for winding resistance measurements, equivalent to traditional equipment with up to 100 A test current.
MIDAS micro 2883

MIDAS micro 2883

  • Shortest measuring time for power factor, dissipation factor (tan delta), and capacitance
  • Compact, one-box design (25 kg / 55 lbs)
  • 7″ color touch screen for easy operation
  • 12 kV high voltage source
  • Variable frequency range of 15 – 400 Hz
  • Accuracy of 0.3% (capacitance) and 1×10-4 (tan delta)
  • Safe operation with interlock, emergency stop, safety checks, and HV ground surveillance
  • Three operating modes: basic, guided, advanced
  • Rugged case with included accessories bag
  • Highest accuracy
  • Advanced interference suppression
  • Ability to measure tan delta of insulating oil quickly on site with the 6835 Portable Oil Test Cell

TTR 2796 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

  • Fully automated measurement of turns ratio, voltage ratio, phase displacement, and excitation current.
  • Highest measurement accuracy in the industry of up to 0.03% for ratios 0.8 – 100
  • Better transformer excitation due to a higher test voltage of 250 V
  • Ratios of up to 50,000 can be measured
  • Measurement of phase displacement of transformers with irregular vector groups, such as phase shifting, arc-furnace, and traction transformers
  • Simplistic user interface for quick test setup
  • Color-coded and labeled test leads for easy setup
  • Safety connection control feature that proofs test setup before applying regular test voltage to guarantee the safety of the test personnel and instrument
  • Automatic winding connection identification (AWCI) and automatic vector group detection support the quick and easy operation
  • Remote control via laptop and application software, including automatic report generation
  • Built-in printer for quick test report generation
  • Lightweight, compact, and rugged design for use in harsh environments

FRA 5311 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

  • Measures according to IEC 60076-18 and IEEE C57.149
  • Measures magnitude (dB), phase angle (°), impedance (Ω), admittance (S), and ratio
  • High signal to noise ratio due to output voltage up to 11 Vpp at 50 Ω
  • IEC 60076-18 Appendix E XML file format compatible to import, export, and share test results with other devices
  • Rugged, lightweight, and smallest SFRA instrument on the market
  • One single USB connection for data and power to a laptop
  • Windows based, easy to use graphical interface, including analysis mode for curves comparison and automatic reporting capabilities
  • Predefined test sequences for most common transformers
DDX 9160 4 channels

DDX 9160 Portable PD Detectors

  • AC and DC measuring modes
  • User defined measuring band
  • Modular design, 1 to 4 channels, and capability to daisy chain many detectors
  • Simultaneous RIV and PD reading
  • Phase Resolved PD (PRPD) patterns for fingerprinting
  • High resolution spectrum analyzer with oscilloscope
  • Data acquisition and test report generation
  • Optically decoupled from the computer
  • Reduces ground noise – The built-in frequency spectrum analysis and selectable frequency band lets the user optimize the setup in seconds
  • Unit can be easily upgraded (up to 12 simultaneous PD/RIV readings)
  • Reduces training time – The modern software makes the use of the device easier than ever. Operators can start using the device in minutes.
  • PD interpretation – The phase resolved analysis and recording capabilities allow for future data analysis.
  • Reduce the number of required components and save space by utilizing an internal integrated measuring impedance
  • Combine with the AKV 9360 measuring impedance and 9231 Series (AC) or 9241/100/1 (AC & DC) coupling capacitors (all components can be housed in the base of the divider)

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