Frida TD & Viola TD: The Most Innovative VLF Tan Delta Testers on the Market

More and more utilities and test personnel are using tan delta testing as a simple procedure to determine the health of their cables. By establishing a baseline of results or conducting trend analysis of tested cables, important information is obtained on the losses present within a cable system. This allows test personnel to make conscientious condition-based decisions on maintenance plans and cable replacements, effectively reducing repair costs and preventing costly outages due to cable failures.

The Frida TD and Viola TD both expand on the functional scope of their smaller “sisters”, Frida and Viola, with the tan delta diagnostic and monitored withstand test (MWT) functions that combine VLF cable testing and VLF tan delta diagnostics into one. By combining two types of testing, an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the cable condition can be made.



Innovations at a Glance:

Easy to Use


  • Easy to connect – Plug and play measurement set up
  • Integrated tan delta diagnostic testing means no additional external hardware is required
  • Acceptance (VLF cable testing) and condition evaluation (tan delta diagnostic testing) of the cable with one device in a single, simple work sequence
  • Fully automated standard or custom programmed testing and diagnostic test routines
  • Pre-programmed IEEE 400.2 test routine with incorporated tan delta thresholds/limits according to cable type (XLPE, EPR, PILC)


No additional external hardware required – simply connect the HV test cable and start!

Intuitive Operation


  • Simple summary of measurement results
  • “Smileys” give immediate results to the condition of the cable while testing
  • Based on the measurement results and threshold/limit values, the recommendation system suggests an optimal test duration
  • Detailed display of all measurement results
  • Application errors minimized with the use of a guided test sequence


Summary of results given while testing, including immediate feedback of the cable condition with “Smileys”

Precise and Reliable


  • Precise measurement results with a tan delta measurement accuracy of 1 x 10-4 using load-independent VLF truesinus® technology
  • Lowest measurement resolution 1 x 10-6 on the market, allowing for the most accurate and reproducible mean and standard deviation values to be measured during tan delta test routines
  • The reliability of the evaluations enables timely planning of maintenance procedures
  • Leakage current from inadequate terminations, which influences the accuracy of the measurement, can be detected and compensated automatically with the optional VSE box


I_Leak1,2 (leakage currents of end terminations) can give false results for tan delta measurements. This is particularly critical for XLPE and EPR cables (at low tan delta values) with inadequate or dirty terminations. The VSE Box eliminates the influence of leakage currents during the tan delta measurement. Therefore, no false tan delta values are given.

USB Data Transfer


  • Never lose testing data with easy and reliable data import and export via USB
  • Display of the measurement data with the BAUR Diagnostic Reporter (included with purchase of equipment)



Monitored Withstand Test


  • MWT combines VLF cable testing and tan delta diagnostics in one
  • Cable stress is minimized by stepwise increases in voltage and determination of the optimum test duration
  • The influence of VLF test voltage on the cable can be determined and be included in the evaluation of the cable route
  • Fully automated IEEE 400.2-based MWT test routine and results analysis or individual, customer-specific adaptations are possible

Expandable to Full Monitored Withstand Test with Partial Discharge Diagnostics


  • Together with the PD-TaD 62 a complete diagnostic test sequence can be achieved
  • Locate PD and weak points along the cable route
  • Enables Simultaneous PD and TD Testing for significantly reduced testing times





Differences Between Frida TD and Viola TD:


Frida TD Viola TD
VLF sinewave voltage up to 26.1 kVRMS VLF square wave voltage up to 34 kV Positive and negative DC voltages up to 34 kV Load range up to 8 μF  Weighs only 22 kg (48 lbs) Ideal for testing voltage class cables up to 20 kV Ideal for maintenance testing of 25 kV cable systems acc. to IEEE 400.2 VLF sinewave voltage up to 44 kVRMS VLF square wave voltage up to 60 kV Positive and negative DC voltages up to 60 kV Load range up to 10 μF 2 part design for enhanced portability Ideal for testing voltage class cables up to 35 kV Ideal for maintenance testing of 46 kV cable systems acc. to IEEE 400.2


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