RS105 NEMP Test System




The MIL-STD461, respectively IEC 61000-4-25, is applicable to equipment or subsystems located outside a shielded facility. The RS105 test method describes a transient electromagnetic pulse of up to 50 kV/m, double exponential wave with a rise time in the nanosecond range, that is applied to the equipment under test (EUT) at least 5 times. The EUT should not exhibit any signs of performance degradation.

Montena designs and manufactures bounded wave NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) / HEMP (high altitude NEMP) simulators for radiated susceptibility tests. Mobile systems for indoor use and fixed simulators for outdoor installations have been developed and marketed since 1998.

The simulator setup mainly consists of a high voltage pulse generator connected to a transmission line ended with distributed resistors. A voltage monitor and various field sensors are used to measure the generator output and the electric and magnetic field strengths. The resulting signals are transmitted via fibre optics or coaxial cables to the oscilloscope.

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  • Proven performance with many systems installed worldwide
  • Triangular transmission line design with distributed load resistors for bounded wave propagation with minimal reflexion
  • Indoor transportable small test systems; outdoor permanent large test installations
  • Automated management and test report generation for simple measurement
  • Low risk of operator’s handling mistakes
  • Other pulse shapes according to other standards such as IEC or national standards on request
  • Expertise in the refurbishment of existing old test installations.

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