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In 1994 Martin Lutz and Reto Casanova – both engineers with a long experience in the field of electromagnetic compatibiliy – and Volker Henker founded EMC PARTNER AG with the aim of designing, manufacturing and selling compact, portable test and measurement equipment.

Since the foundation EMC PARTNER’s team as well as the product range have continually been growing – and are still doing so! Since the departure of Reto Casanova and Volker Henker, Martin Lutz is the majority shareholder.

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc has represented EMC PARTNER in the North American market since 1999.

Together, we have established a strong customer base that continues to look forward to new technology and innovation from HV Technologies and EMC Partner.



Our objective is to reach the standards of high quality for products and services demanded by the market place. This objective is central to our quality statement.

To achieve this, our quality statement has been integrated into and occupies a leading role in our business practices. With the number SCS129, EMC PARTNER is now certified by the Swiss Calibration Service (SCS) to perform accredited calibrations in accordance with ISO17025. All equipment design, software, production and service are all contained within the company. Since no step of the process is outsourced a very high level of product quality can be achieved and maintained.

This is a further example of EMC PARTNER’s commitment to increasing the quality of our products. Our environmentally controlled calibration lab is ready and able to support new and existing customers with this new service.



EMC Partner is the worldwide leader of transient test systems. EMC Partner’s vast product linehas been proven time after time to be easy to set up and offer very clean, highly repeatable waveforms. HV Technologies is factory trained and certified as a service and calibration center to get North American customers quicker turnaround times for repair and calibration. Our relationship with EMC Partner means you get excellent sales and service for years to come.

EMC Partner’s products cover the following markets: Avionics, Military, Automotive, Telecom, Commercial, CE Mark, Medical Electronics, IT Electronics, RF Test and Measurement, Protective Devices, and Components.

Products from EMC Partner cover the following tests: ESD, Switching Transients, EFT/Burst, DOW, Surge, 10/700 Surge, Ring Wave, and Dips, Interruptions and Variations.

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