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EMC Test Equipment


HV Technologies, Inc. (HVT) with our partners are focused on providing our clients with top quality, full compliant test instruments.  We have been supporting the EMC testing community by designing, producing, and distributing the best in EMC test instruments for over two decades.  When using our products customers experience the most reliable test instruments with the cleanest most repeatable measurements.  This has been possible through innovative product design and the deployment of unique leading-edge technologies.  The highest level of support is our main focus and part of every product.


Test systems for automotive applications including RF emissions and immunity for the full vehicle and down to the component level. Offering full compliant receivers, ESD, High power amplifiers and all the associated accessories: LISN, Antennas, BCI probes, and Special test sets. Test applications also include Electric vehicle application and EV-chargers.


Complete turnkey immunity test solutions per the Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment specified in worldwide avionic test standards such as DO-160 and EUROCAE. Our test solutions also meet major airframe manufacturer specific test standards in accordance to Airbus ABD100, Boeing D6-16050-4, and many more. Our turnkey solutions are the market leader for avionics testing worldwide. They are field-proven, robust, reliable, simple to set-up, and output repeatable waveforms. We offer training and technical support as well. Covering DO-160 Sections: 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25

CE Mark

Complete turnkey transient immunity test solutions per the IEC 61000-4-x Basic Standard series called out by the Euro Norm requirements for affixing the CE Mark to products sold in the European Unions. ESD, Radiated Immunity, EFT, CWG, 10/700 µs, RF Conducted Immunity, RINGWAVE, AC/DC DIPS, INTERRUPTS and VARIATIONS, COMMON MODE, HARMONICS & FLICKER, Conducted/Radiated Emissions and many more.


Broad range of transient impulse generators up to 100 kV or 100 kA. Focused applications with a variety of voltage and current surge impulses employing the Combination, Ring, Damped Oscillatory, 10/700 µs Telecom and other special pulse shapes.


Broad range of transient impulse generators up to 100 kV or 100 kA. Focused applications with a variety of voltage and current surge impulses for protection relays, capacitors, varistors, gas arrestors, etc. Our generators can be equipped for active flammability tests on both X and Y capacitor types over a wide range of values.

IT Electronics

Test solutions for IT Electronics for conducted and radiated emissions, immunity, harmonic emissions, and voltage fluctuations and flicker in accordance to IEC 61000-3-2, -3, -11, -12, FCC Part 15, EN 55022, EN 55024, CISPR 22, and CISPR 24.

Medical Electronics

EMC test solutions for medical electronics, devices, wheelchairs, and implants. Medical devices must adhere to stringent EMC testing to ensure operation and interaction with both medical and non-medical devices. Patient safety is particularly important for implantable electronics. Medical devices must adhere to FDA standards in the United States, Medical Device Directive (MDD) and EC standards in Europe. Radiated Immunity, ESD, EFT, Surge, conducted immunity, and magnetic field testing are utmost important to ensure patient safety.


Complete turnkey transient immunity test solutions for pulses from the MIL-STD 461 series (CS106, CS115, CS116) including Conducted Susceptibility transients on power leads, bulk cable injection, impulse excitation, and damped sinusoidal transients. Radiated Susceptibility applications include pulsed TEM, NEMP, HEMP, and HPEM products. P-Static test solution to 300kV.

RF Test and Measurement

Our partnership with Prana brings proven solid-state class A amplifiers to North America. Prana was founded in 1975 and is a very highly reliable respected manufacturer from Europe who has been meeting the needs for RF test equipment for many applications including EMC testing. Over time they have gained the knowledge to maintain customer relationships and exceed expectations. Offering a 3 year warranty on all products is just the beginning and we will be happy to prove to you why our products and systems will not only meet your needs but exceed them. HV Technologies brings knowledgable customer service, sales, and support. We can help you size and choose the correct amplifier that will integrate with your existing equipment or suggest a full system for you.