BAUR System Software 3.3


The BAUR system software is a package for cable testing, cable diagnostics and cable fault location. In combination with BAUR cable fault location or testing and diagnostics systems, it allows for efficient monitoring of the condition of cable networks.

VLF cable test, dissipation factor measurement, partial discharge diagnosis and cable fault location


SW opening screen


Reliable software for Cable Testing, Cable Diagnostics, and Cable Fault Location

  • Best possible basis for cost-optimized, condition-oriented maintenance
  • Common data management through comprehensive cable database supports actual and trend analysis
  • Conclusive presentation of measurement results
  • Modern, multi-lingual operating concept

The heart of the measurement system.
Cable Testing

Software cable test


  • Installation, Acceptance, and Maintenance Testing
  • Selectable test voltages: sinewave, square wave, and DC (+/-) voltage
  • Manual or automatic testing
  • Simple programming of test sequences
  • Variable frequency from 0.01 to 1 Hz
  • Automatic saving of measurement results

The heart of the measurement system.
Tan Delta Diagnostics


BAUR Software - Tan Delta


  • Identify cable insulation ageing (water trees, moisture ingress, PD activity, etc.) at an early stage, independent of load
  • Evaluation criteria for XLPE and PILC cables
  • Measurement data exchange possible with frida/viola TD portable devices
  • Simple programming of diagnostic sequences
  • Combining cable data, cable history, and partial discharge measurement results, allows for a reliable assessment of cable condition

The heart of the measurement system.
Partial Discharge Diagnostics

BAUR Software - PD Diagnostics


  • Locate vulnerabilities in the cable before a fault occurs
  • Combining cable data, cable history, and tan delta measurement results, allows for a reliable assessment of cable condition
  • Auto Gain feature for easy calibration
  • Automatic mode enables automated recording of partial discharge locations, and inception and extinction voltage
  • Frequency filter makes good quality assessments possible even with sources of interference
  • Phase-resolved display of partial discharges
  • PD monitored withstand testing possible

The heart of the measurement system.
Cable Fault Location

BAUR Software - Cable Fault Location


  • Unique, proven SIM/MIM technology for locating 98% of faults
  • “Easy” mode for common faults
  • Expert mode for difficult cases
  • Methods:
    • Determination of fault resistance with the resistance measurement
    • Measure low resistive faults and cable interruptions with the TDR measurement including joint search mode
    • Locate high resistive and intermittent faults with the SIM/MIM method
    • Impulse Current Method for extremely long cables
    • Decay Method for faults that breakdown above 32 kV can be located
    • Complex networks require the differential, impulse current and decay methods

The heart of the measurement system.

BAUR Software - Reports


  • Automatically generated
  • Displays cable data and measurement results
  • Well-organized graphics
  • Customizable