All New Protrac®

Faster pin-pointing of cable faults with the all new BAUR Protrac®

The completely new multi-functional Protrac® introduces a modern solution for the precise pin-pointing of cable and cable sheath faults. Faults can be pin-pointed significantly faster with Protrac® than with conventional systems. One particularly innovative feature of Protrac® is its rapid and simple commissioning, because the control unit, ground microphone and headphones are wirelessly connected by Bluetooth® (range of up to 40 m or 130 ft between control unit and ground microphone).

A two-stage adaptive ambient noise suppression system filters ambient noise and provides a clear signal from the fault breakdown to the headphones or the loudspeaker of the control unit. The capacitive color display with touch function guides the operator rapidly and efficiently to the fault with the aid of a three-dimensional display of the cable position.

The Protrac® pin-pointing system is available immediately in three variants: The complete “Pin-pointing” set includes the control unit with pin-pointing technologies for both acoustic pin-pointing and cable sheath fault location using the step voltage method, as well as all necessary accessories, in a transport case. The two applications are also available separately as an “Acoustic” set and a “Step Voltage” set with control unit and accessories in a transport case. Both individual sets can be expanded to include the other/missing pin-pointing technology to form a complete set.