March 29, 2017
 Impulse Generator & Measurement Systems


Impulse Voltage Test Systems
Impulse testing systems are designed to generate impulse voltages that simulate lightning strokes and switching surges . The complete test system consists of a charging rectifier, impulse stages according to the "Marx Circuit", an impulse voltage divider and impulse voltage measurement system. The applications are defined by IEC, ANSI/IEEE and other national standards. Impulse Test Sets are also available as current impulse generators used primarily for surge arrestor testing. HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. has a long tradition of supplying impulse generator for HV applications as well as impulse test systems for the EMC and avionics, military industries. All our generators from 100 kV to 1000 kV are assembled and tested at our facilities in Manassas, VA. Generators up to 4800 kV are available.

 Impulse Voltage Test Systems

EMC Partner Icon 3000 Control and Measuring System
ICON3000 control and peak measuring system in a 19” plug-in 4 UH for use 
with impulse generators, current generators and high voltage DC supplies.
Three setting modes are possible for the test voltage:
1. Peak Voltage
2. Charging Voltage
3. Voltage per Stage

 Control and Measuring System
Digital Impulse Voltage Measuring System - TR-AS by Dr. Strauss
The well-established Impulse Voltage Measuring Systems TR-AS, including the
digital recorders from Dr. Strauss' R&D activities, are continuously developed and now feature improved sampling rates up to 200 MS/s in real-time with 14 Bit resolution simultaneously, available up to 16 measuring channels.  The newly developed composite A/D converter hardware system generates raw data with up to 14 Bit resolution together with the highest available sampling rate of 200 MS/s  today. Optionally 400 MS/s with 10 to 12 Bit resolution is available for impulse voltage tests with very fast signals.
 Digital Impulse Voltage Measuring System

Multichannel Transient Recorder - TR-AS by Dr. Strauss
Complex and precise impulse measurement with simultaneous multi-channel system for High-power test floors, Switchgear testing, Monitoring recorder, Protection relay tests, Quality control, Measurements in development and test field.  

 Multichannel Transient Recorder
Remote Control Digital Recorder - TR-AS RC from Dr. Strauss
The TR-AS RC digital recorder are designed for recording tasks. The WinTR-AS software installed on the external control computer controls all functions of the test procedure via the LAN with: Setting and arming the TR-AS RC, transfer of the raw data after recording, evaluation and display of shapes, saving the records in the database, generating the test record and printing to any network printer.
 Remote Control Digital Recorder
Transient Analysis Software WinTR-AS from Dr. Strauss
WinTR-AS is the result of long lasting know how in the software development for digital recorder measuring systems and possibilities provided by modern operating systems like Window XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Now you are able to acquire, evaluate, and process measured data within a standardized user-friendly operating and control interface.
Very Fast Transient Recorder (VFT) for GIS Testing - Dr. Strauss
Digital Recorder with 200 MS/s sampling rate and 12 Bit resolution, remote controlled by external Laptop Computer. The VFT-Measuring System TR-AS RC for
VFT is specially designed for high bandwidth and allows measurements of very fast
transients (VFT) in a frequency range from power frequency up to 100 MHz directly with help of capacitive sensors, e.g. PD-sensors installed in  Gas - Insulated Switchgear (GIS).
Impulse Calibration System - KAL 1000 by Dr. Strauss
For the calibration and for performance tests and checks according to IEC 10831 and IEC-60-2 several calibration generators with high accuracy are required which are optimally adapted to the digital impulse voltage measuring system to be tested.
 Impulse Calibration System, KAL1000

Impulse Current Measuring Shunts - Dr. Strauss
The Impulse Current Measuring Shunts ICMS are tubular shunt types with best response behavior to match the high performance of the TR-AS digital recorder for comparative current measurements. A 1st  partial response time Ta less than 10 ns and a settling time less than 20 ns show the advantage of these shunts. They show no initial overshoot peak and no oscillations and need no compensation box to optimize the transient behavior as typically known from cage shunts.